Latest Distressed News in Europe

October 2020:

BlueBay has hired Adam Philips, a distressed debt veteran, to run Developed Market Special Situations. He was previously CIO at Blantyre Capital. This can only mean that they are preparing for the next default wave.

Seaport, the broker, has hired Ropert Lepone as MD in Europe. Yet another heavy weight in distressed trading back in business.

Distressed fund raising is ramping up. Private equity fund raising are more visible on the hedge fund side we know of a startup Greenfunds. On the private equity we have the following:

CompanyTypeFocusKey Persons
Clessidra CapitalPrivate EquityItalyAndrea Ottaviano
DEA CapitalPrivate EquityItalyVincenzo Manganelli
LCM PartnersMultiEuropeAdrian Cloake
TritonPrivate EquityEuropePeder Prahl

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